Agile & Architecture meetup

Agile & Architecture meetup
Photo by Chris Karidis / Unsplash

On Thursday, November 29, we will present the agile method and its application to architecture and urban planning as part of a meeting organized by Novalian.

Where is it

At the headquarters of Novalian, the innovation branch of BTP consultants, a renowned engineering control firm. They are located in the Beaugrenelle district at 6,rue Sainte Lucie in PARIS 15th arrondissement.

What's the program

The evening will be punctuated by two speeches:

  • A presentation of the application Bricks, which makes it easy to implement an agile approach in construction projects and particularly in a BIM framework.
  • A feedback from SpinalCom, a specialist in connected objects for architecture.

I can't come

We can't do everything with all the interesting events taking place at the same time! To learn more about what we do and meet each other:

  • you can view this video from a previous speech
  • or send us an email

What are Agile methods

Agile methods make it possible to work more efficiently and collaboratively They help to fight the silo effect inside project teams. With the Agile method, we work with short iterations, involving all stakeholders upstream. With transparency on what is being done and what remains to be done.

But more importantly, Agile teams are constantly improving by discussing what has worked and what has not, and by defining improvement actions.

To learn more, we have prepared a series of articles on the Agile method applied to architecture.

Le public du meetup Bricks - Novalian