October 2020 🚀 Bricks new features

October 2020 🚀 Bricks new features

The whole team at Bricks was on deck to make your project management even simpler and more intuitive. Among the latest features this month, more improvements to plan your sprints and track the progress of projects more efficiently.

😎 Project observers

The project observers

We have created a new project role, project observers. To know more about the roles on a project you can see this page.

It allows you to see the content of a project without being able to comment or contribute. But how can this be useful? Part of the team does not have a direct role in the project, but rather a supervisory role. This can be the case of the project owner sometimes. Or people in the team who need to be kept informed without participating in the discussion.

Finally, there are sometimes members who will not be active until later, and for whom it is not really possible to spend a seat. Because observers are completely free! So think about it to keep all the people who need to keep an eye on the project informed. 👁️

🗓 The board by end date

Board by end date

Here is a new type of board that will suit those who like to set goals, including clear end dates. It allows you to see all your topics grouped in 4 columns.

  • Late subjects: to deal with them urgently or to postpone them :)
  • Topics of the week: what you are going to focus on this week
  • Upcoming topics: to get a view of what's ahead of you
  • Subjects with no end date: which can therefore be planned or inserted in sprints if you use the Scrum method.

With this new board you have a clear vision of the deadlines. And you can share it with the whole team. It will probably become the favorite board of many of you to start the week and take stock. ⏰

🌎 View topics for all teams

A table of all the subjects of all the teams

This development was motivated by several feedbacks from users, who wanted to have a global view on the topics of all their teams.

This is often the case for project managers, who are not attached to a particular team. It is also important for sprints or stages, which involve multiple teams. With this new option you can choose to see the topics of all your teams on the same screen. And this in all Bricks views: Roadmap, Board, List and File view.

Thanks to the view of all teams, take a step back and keep up to date quickly with what has changed on a project.

🏃 The sprint or stage organizer

Organize your sprints from your Roadmap view

It is now possible to plan your sprints or stages from the roadmap view. By clicking on the sprint or stage you are interested in or by clicking on the option "view topics", a side panel will open showing all the topics of this sprint or stage.

It is possible to add or remove topics to be handled. These subjects can belong to several teams. It is thus very simple to coordinate the work of several participating companies: engineers, architects and other members of the project management team. Finally, the entire design team of a project has a common work plan!

That's it for this month. Don't hesitate to comment and let us know about the features that interest you. You can follow our progress on this page and see the list of all the new features here.