Bricks is back! 🤖 New Features

Bricks is back! 🤖 New Features

Brick's news features of October

Bricks is growing a lot! The teams have developed many new features. And more are coming soon.

I wanted to present to you the features of October that will improve your daily life.

Active sprints board.

It is now possible to easily find the active sprint board, from the left menu. To make it available, you need to start the sprint, as only the active sprints will be listed here.

When the sprint is started, every daily meeting or anytime you want to refer to sprint advancement, you can click directly in the active sprint menu.

Sprint dates default

To save you time on creating sprint, now sprint date are selected by default depending on the current date and the dates of the stage they are created in.

So if a sprint is not associated to a stage, it will be created by default from the current date and will last 2 weeks by default.

If a sprint is associated to a stage, it will create by default inside the stage date range and after the existing sprints in the same stage.

Multi-lines tasks

  • Now, tasks can be multiline when you have a lot to tell!
  • Resize automatically the text area when writing a task, so it is easier for you to see what you are currently writing
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing you from unassigning a task and getting immediate visual feedback

Page header

We introduce a new design of the page with page header.

It's also a way to show you some help and explanation about the page when clicking on the i icon.

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