The collaboration challenges of Architects firms

If you experienced the work in Architects company, you probably experienced the collaboration problems I faced : working late, scope change, lack of knowledge sharing...

The collaboration challenges of Architects firms
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Hello, I'm Sébastien from Agile BIM Podcast. And today I'm going to introduce you to a new format for this podcast.

The objective of this podcast is to give you some advices, some tips on how to transition to a more agile way of working within your company.

But we are not going to talk about Agile in general, but more specifically about how to use Agile in the field of architecture and construction.

I am an architect and I used to work during 10 years in different architecture and urbanism companies. And I experienced the problem of collaborations that probably you face today

As an architect, of course, I had some bad experiences when I was working in architecture firms And probably you will recognize in what I am going to tell you. For example, working at night, it was very common, especially if you work for competition when the deadline is a strict deadline. So sometimes you don't have any choice and just, stay in the agency when everybody is back home.

But you also have the case of the project leaders that, come back to the agency, in the late evening. Just before you wanted to go back home and that tells you, oh, I forgot to tell you. But I had a meeting with a client, and he told me there were a requirement changes. So we need to change the design for the next design meeting on Monday. So please do it and tell me when it's done. I'm sorry to warn you so late, but, there was no other way.

At that point, you feel really discouraged. And it's very understandable.

I can give you more examples of collaboration problem we have in an architecture firm. But one that stroke me is that we often end up doing the same type of design.

And there is no issue with that. It's totally normal to repeat yourself. If you want to improve your design style.

But the concerns start when people don't communicate enough between each other and end up, solving the same problem over and over.

And this is really a waste of time and moreover it prevents from improving the design. When you apply it to different project.

So in this podcast, we are going to talk about the issues, the typical problems of architecture company. And how, you can improve your practice by adopting some agile methodology.

Feel free to ask me about the topics,  you want me to talk about. And I will be pleased to find a solution for your situation based on my experience in architecture and agile practices.

Thank you for listening, and I hope you enjoy the idea of this new podcast. If you enjoy it, please subscribe to get the new episode. Okay. Bye-bye.