7 Lean Construction Techniques to Increase Efficiency

Adopting Lean Construction Techniques can lead to incredible improvements in the efficiency of your construction project. Find out what works best and learn the 7 must-know techniques here.

7 Lean Construction Techniques to Increase Efficiency
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Lean construction is a project delivery approach that aims to minimize waste and optimize value for the customer by maximizing efficiency in the design, construction, and operation of a project.

The main methods of lean construction include:

  1. Value stream mapping: This is a tool used to visualize the flow of materials and information through a project, from start to finish, in order to identify areas where waste can be eliminated.
  2. Last Planner System: This is a project management method that focuses on planning and coordinating work at the smallest possible increment, typically one week, in order to optimize the use of resources and reduce uncertainty.
  3. Pull planning: This is a method of project planning that involves working backwards from the project completion date to identify the work that needs to be completed at each stage, and then pulling the work forward as needed to keep the project on track.
  4. Kanban: This is a system for managing and visualizing the flow of work through a process, using cards or other visual aids to represent work items and track their progress.
  5. 5S: This is a method for organizing and maintaining a clean and orderly work environment, which involves sorting, straightening, shining, standardizing, and sustaining the work environment.
  6. Six Sigma: This is a methodology for improving process efficiency and effectiveness by identifying and eliminating defects and variability in processes.
  7. Kaizen: This is a continuous improvement philosophy that involves involving all employees in the improvement process, with the goal of maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste.

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